Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Review: Daddy, What's a Liberal?

Photo cred: Amazon
Have you ever had your child ask you a question that stopped you in your tracks?  Maybe where babies come from or some other topic you'd prefer not to address at the time?  My book review today is on an e-book for children - "Daddy, What's A Liberal?" - written and illustrated by Mark A. Zanni, Sr.

Zanni based this book on an actual event that occurred with his young son, Anthony, when his son posed a question before bedtime - "Daddy, what's a liberal?"  In this book, Zanni explains to Anthony the simple differences between liberals and conservatives by using the story of the ant and the grasshopper.

Illustrated by Nazareno Allesandro (Zanni's pen name for illustrator), the pages come alive with the explanation that helped his son know the difference between the right and the left.  Not often do you find a children's book written and illustrated by the same person.  

You may be a conservative who fears that question will haunt you one night as you put your child to bed, like Zanni, and would benefit from this great resource.  Currently available in e-reader format, be sure to check it out on Amazon and download a copy to have for that awkward moment when you need it.